I had my hormones results today and the prolactin levels were high can it be an pituitary adenoma?

I had my hormones results today and the prolactin levels were high 913(normal 102-496ulu/ml) I done the test on the 4th day of my cycle which normally lasts 5 to 7 days
I’m afriad can it be an pituitary adenoma? Or is it normal since i am on my period ??
all the results of TSH ,Testosterone,LH ,FSH are within the normal values
The progesterone was low 0.306but falls in the value of menstruation normal values (0.3-2.5nmol/l)
I’m 24 I have irregular menses (oligomenorrhea) the periods in this year came to me 3 times till this month ( 24Feb -30 June-18Agust ) no past medical history


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Ahmed Fawzy
11:12 am

Unfortunately pituitary adenoma is a possibility, so you will need a brain CT scan, however it could be simply trunk obesity or stress
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
11:24 am


Prolactin levels are high during ovulatory and luteal phases that is around tenth day onwards..
Although the prolactin levels can be fluctuating during the mensuration cycle but still the levels are too high in your case and can be related to any underlying cause..
Other causes can be stress, hypothyroidism, Pitutary adenoma, side effect of certain medication etc..
So it is better to consult an Emdocrinologist and get evaluated and further investigations can help in ruling out the cause so that appropriate treatment can be done..

Hope this helps..

Ayman Darrag
12:44 pm

Mostly it is due to stress or anxiety ,however you should redo the test after the period ends as it may be elevated due to current stress, if it stayed above normal then you should consider MRI done.