I have a yeast infection but it won’t go away despite all the prescription I have?

I have a yeast infection but it won’t go away despite all the prescription I have. It’s been two weeks now. The first time I had it treated my period interrupted so now I am back to square one. I am currently taking anti biotic for yeast infection. It is not itchy there is just a lot of discharge and it does not smell yet. It is not yet smelly also. I have tried to wait and give it time but I feel like it is taking a very long time. It is not getting any better


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Dr.Honey Arora
11:00 am

Antibiotic is not the medication for yeast infection, rather anti fungal medications are..
So first of all please check..
Please tell which medication are you taking so that I can check whether you are taking right medication or not?
Secondly please specify your age and do you have any medical problems or are you on any medication?

Please revert back..


Ahmed Fawzy
11:17 am

This does not sound like yeast infection, did you recently use a new contraceptive method? Pills or Depo?
Are you engaged in a new relation?
I recommend to recheck at your gynecologist
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
12:52 pm

In my opinion you should give it time now to go while improving your immunity through increasing intake of probiotics and localized washing with water as other products may alter the ph of the vagina and even kill the good bacteria .
Also test for diabetes and hormonal disturbances as the recurrent infection may be caused by other problem,