I had root canal in 2015, still painful – how can I trust doctors after that?

I have root canal treated on 2015 but the pain never stopped
Now it become even more painful that I can’t handle it any more my face is swilling and the X-ray show there is over filling into my maxillo sinus cavity which infected
What is the best thing I can do
Becouse the doctor talked me that it is complicated because of my face anatomy
And he told me that I am the worst case scenario
Iam young and that herts me more because I stay away from society because of my face swilling
The pain rate is 8 of 10
We’re can I go
And how I can trust doctors after that?

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Ahmed Fawzy
2:24 pm

In the x ray you are showing i can see a crack in the root which is a source or recurrent infections , also more than one root needs cleaning , complete removal of the tooth and bulbs is the best action in my opinion
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
2:40 pm

First of all
U need to take the suitable antibiotic and antiinflammatory drugs , may be it needs surgical intervention

Consult a dentist

Ayman Darrag
5:24 pm

Yes there is about 2ml overfilling in the palatal root.. It sometimes normal with other roots ..but since the palatal root is very near to the maxillary sinus this causes addrevation of pain due to severe infection..
Extraction can be a choice but you need to get a full course of antibiotic and antiinflammatory first and then the dentist can decide whether to do extraction or not…

Ayman Darrag
7:45 pm

I forgot to tell you that you should do a cone beam CT to make sure the infection is not reaching the sinus.. If it is not..then a retreatment can be done after drainage of swelling.

5:35 am

this is and inadequately treated root canal.
the base of the tooth is infected.
It needs removal of the cap and repeat the process under proper antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets.
Take a second opinion from another dentist,preferably a faciomaxillary surgeon.