I had swelling in feet ankles and legs, low hemoglobin, now swelling again?

I am female 39 years old and I have had swelling in feet ankles and legs and I went to the ER about it and was admitted for low hemoglobin which was 6.2 and had a blood transfusion and a bag of iron intravenously and for 2 weeks my well my legs did not swell now that I have been out of iron pills for 4 days and I’m on my menstral cycle ,Which are heavy. My feet legs and ankles have been swollen again what do you think this is

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:53 pm

This sever anemia , you will need iron supplements for almost 6 month may be more with rechecking your CBC every 3 month effect can appear after one month but this does not mean problem is fixed
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:46 am

Anaemia can cause this and it needs intensive treatment ..I recommend starting with a course of injections iron and b12 then following with capsules for 3months..

7:51 am

low hemoglobin levels lead to raised ESR (more fluid in your blood).
This keeps on accumulating in the dependant parts of your body in the form of subcutaneous oedema.
continue taking iron supplements till Hb levels reach 12-13 gms.
keep legs elevated.
hypoproteinemia also can be a cause .To rule this out,check albumin and globulin with A:G ratio.