I had three episodes of hematuria, had a number of tests everything came normal but still have problems?

Hi. I’m a 36-year old male. Around April this year, I had three episodes of hematuria. Scared, I went to a nephrologist & then another urologist. They conducted a number of tests on me including urinalysis, urine culture, X-ray and USG of KUB, phase contrast microscopy, lever and kidney function tests and a range of other blood tests. Almost everything came normal and the phase contrast microscopy found that the blood was coming from lower urinary tract. The doctors did not find any stones, lesions or tumors during the USG.

One morning in August, I passed a nearly 2mm stone through my urine. The urologist says I do not need to be scared anymore.

But I have a few issues of concern:

1) Ever since, right after the hematuria episodes, at times, when I strain to pass a stool, drops of whitish semen-like substance comes out of my penis. In order to tackle this situation, I stopped straining at least a week back and it had nearly stopped. But over the past two days, I have noticed on two occasions, a small jelly-like transparent substance come out after I finish peeing. It usually sticks to the bowl and when I drop water on it, it rolls off into the water and sinks. Is this something to worry about?
FYI: My wife is pregnant. And I haven’t had sex or masturbated since September this year.

2) Often when I am sitting down, I feel a slight burning sensation near the head of my penis. Also, at times, when I finish urinating, I walk a few steps and then sit on the commode for the last few drops to come out. Over the last few months, frequently, the last few drops have been light yellow. Is this something to worry about?

I had asked about these things to my urologist. But he seems rather indifferent.

It would be great if you can let me know.


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Ayman Darrag
2:19 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
This sounds like nonspecific urethritis ..
This Penile discharge or urethritis is diagnosed by finding white blood cells (neutrophils or pus cells) on a urethral swab …urine sample (ie urine taken from when you first begin to pass water).
You should see an andrologist …


Hello Dr. Ayman,
My urologist also gave a gram stain test of prostate fluid. That found epithelial cells and some pus cells. He gave me levoxin 500 mg for 25 days.

Should I go back to him and tell him about this? He is also an andrologist as I have checked right now.

10:41 am

this can be uti or cystitis. get urine culture done. drink plenty of fluids. consult a urologist. As per the report,you can start on antibiotics.

shalini p
2:57 pm

hello there
this is due to urethritis. get a ureteroscopy done to assess the exact status of the internal lining of mucosa.
consult a urologist

Ayman Darrag
6:41 pm

Hello (I don’t wanna say that name and you need to change it to hopeful and optimistic) 🙂
Yes I recommend going back to him for follow up..
Thx ..wishing you speedy recovery..