I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates and I think possibly a nasal polyp, what can be done?

Hello. I’ve experienced sinus pressure in the face for many years (I think 8-10). The pressure is right behind the top of the nose and also in the ears. My breathing is slightly restricted. I was told I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates and I think possibly a nasal polyp. I’m a classically-trained singer, and, for some reason, singing makes it feel significantly better (although when I’m singing poorly, it makes it worse). Benadryl helps it somewhat (but definitely not all the way) and I do remember the symptoms basically vanishing once when I took an oral steroid (although nasal corticosteroids don’t do much). I can actually relieve much of the pressure simply by pulling my nostrils apart (or using a nasal strip), but that’s obviously not cutting at the root cause.

Age: 25
Medications: Sinus rinse
General Information: I had 5 “sets of tubes” in my head (through my ears I think?) when I was very young, according to my mom. I’ve suffered from sinus issues my whole life.

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Arti Sharma
8:22 pm

Hi there. Nasal polyps are benign fleshy growths arising in the nose.The triggering factors are chronic asthma,rhinitis, sinusitis.Steroids provide relief in small polyps.Large polyps need surgery.They can lead to nasal discharge,headaches and in severe cases obstructive sleep apnea. I suggest that you see an ENT Specialist and get them removed if they are big.Keep a humidifier in room and avoid allergens like dust,pets etc.Take care.Best wishes!