I have a herniated lumbar disc l5 s1 and have weakness and numbness in my left leg and foot?

I have a herniated lumbar disc l5 s1 and have weakness and numbness in my left leg and foot. Since wednesday I have had diahaereo and when I empty my bladder I feel a need to want to empty it some more. I now have pain and tenderness in my left side and tenderness in my genital area. I am female, take no tablets am not diabetic. Am healthy apart from above. Are the two connected with the herniated disc?

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Ayman Darrag
5:12 am

For me Your symptoms seems unlinked as disc injury at this level do not cause urine retention ..
Side pain urine retention and genital pain may indicate a UTI .
Or a formed stone.
Get a urine test analysis and abdominal USG ..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:03 am

In my opinion yes it could be related since sense of bladder empty and geneital area sensation ,come from sacral vertebra below level of L5/S1
Do an MRI to confirm

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
10:30 am

Herniated lumber disc causes directly the numbness and the pain in your leg “sciatica”

Regarding the diarrhea and urination, i advice to do urine and stool analysis

There may be a connection but lets wait for the physiitherapy to improve the problems and to check whether all symptoms will get improved or nor

7:48 am

yes,these symptoms can well be related.
Severe compression of the spinal nerve in the lumbar spine causes pain,numbness and weakness.
Bladder control can also get affected due to involvement of autonomous nervous system.
Consult a spine surgeon .get a MRI done.
You may need decompression surgery.