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Ayman Darrag
7:19 am

In my opinion this could be atopic dermatitis ..
Use anti histaminic cream..
A cortico steroid ointment can help.
Avoid scratching.

Ahmed Fawzy
8:21 am

In my opinion This is a patch of atopic dermatitis , you can use topical steroids to treat it

Good Luck

6:53 am

this is dermatitis with secondary fungal infection.
apply steroid and anti fungal local cream.
do not rub or apply anything warm.
use anti-histaminic tablets if it itches.

Masr Fawzy
4:43 pm


Fusidin cream , clindamycin solution and special soap

juan rangel
juan rangel
12:26 am

i have a rash on my face ,i got it 3 days ago while working on a truck. i think i got sprayed with gas ,but i dont remember if i did or started on my forehead as an itch i though it wazs just an itch,a few minutes later my cheeks started swelling up and also aound my eyes,next morning my whole face was swollen so much i could barely see anything,my symptoms are swollen face ,itchy bumps very dry skin on my face only,last night a clear liquid was coming out from my skin,now it itches and… Read more »