I have a skin rash, fever and flu symptoms, is it the flu or something else?

I have fever of 99 – 101 and it changes throughout the day, body aches, severe headache over and around the eyes, feel tired and my back shoulders and back hurt. Feels like the flu – had it last year and turned out to be the flu. But after 5 days of these symptoms now found red skin rashes on my left leg this morning. Here is a photo for you. Not sure it is the flu now. Can it be some other disease? Your opinion would be highly appreciated.

Age: 47
Medications: Advil

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11:11 am

The rashes you have are hives called urticaria. Normally they should go away within 24 hours. These are caused by either a virus, allergy to foods, medication or insect bites. You can take benadryl for relief. Hives may disappear and reappear. But if they persist long you should consult your doctor. As far as the other symptoms they seem to be due to the flu. Flu infections last between a week to two weeks. Tylenol will help reduce the fever.