I have a tattoo I need to have removed, what is the best way to do this?

I have a tattoo I need to have removed, what is the best way to do this?

Some years ago I had a multi colored tattoo which was pretty nice back then, but now I don’t like anymore.
How can I get it off?


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Jean Claude
1:12 pm

Popular tattoo designs come and go. And as time goes by, what was probably a fun tattoo design idea at one point in life turns out to be a very bad or stupid idea later on. But a tattoo is a permanent drawing into the skin.s research shows that about 50% of people who had a tattoo done earlier in their lives regret having done so. Although getting a tattoo done is pretty straight forward, getting it off is another matter altogether, and more expensive also. Before laser technology tattoos were removed using dermabrasion, salabrasion, cryotherapy, chemical peeling. and surgical… Read more »

Domina Zluf
1:13 pm

Thanks for your question. In my opinion, the Spectra Laser is the best laser system to remove tattoos. When it come to tattoos you have the color factor which needs to be taken into consideration. With lasers, one wavelength is absorbed by one color, most lasers usually work with one wavelength which allows for the removal of one color. With multi colored tattoos, the Spectra Laser is ideal because it comes with several hand held accessories that allows it to treat different colors. Additionally it is safe for all skin tones. Laser light is usually absorbed easily by melanin. Melanin… Read more »

Dr. Javez Ernesto

It is true that laser treatment, which works very well, takes time and can be expensive. If your tattoo is small, surgery to remove it can be fast, simple and easy. The only negative side effect is the scarring. Scars can virtually disappear if the healing process works well for you. Multi colored tattoos require the use of the correct lasers and the right number of treatments for each laser. And even so, removing the tattoo totally is never a 100% guaranteed result. Before choosing any tattoo removal procedure look into the different alternatives offered to you and then make… Read more »