I cannot remember old things as well as things I’ve done three days ago?

I believe I have a bad memory and I noticed that I’m very forgetful. I will list a few incidents that happened to me: I was once handed a paper in which I was asked to write all of my classmates names and I could not remember my friend’s last name eventually I had to pass that paper to someone else as I was incapable of remembering. I take a lot of time to memorize but I easily forget it all. My friend’s remember things I’ve said and done that I myself do not remember. Above all when I try to recollect my memories and try to remember them clearly i cannot it is as if a cloud was inside my brain preventing me from remembering things clearly, It feels blurry it’s a weird feeling I cannot put in words but I just cannot seem to collect my memory properly. I cannot remember old things as well as things I’ve done three days ago. It does not mean I have forgotten everything but it’s as if I forget more than anyone around me. Please help me. I am not stressed as of now And I do not have diabetes I do not suffer from any illness But I do have allergy and I have anxiety but do not suffer from it on regular basis.


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9:09 am

its due to anxiety, hormonal imbalances.
get a endocrinologist and neurologist consultation.
meditation daily for 1 hour will help your memory a lot in natural way

Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:59 pm

I recommend you obtain a neural exam. Consult with a neurologist.