My son was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – Primary Mediastima : abnormal non mass like circumferential mucosal hyperdensity present?

Hi, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – Primary Mediastima last August. He went through a 6 cycle regimen of r-chop and completed in Jan. He had a PET/CT scan done in Feb which showed the cancer had decreased enough to claim success (went from 9.5 X 5.9 cm and nodes in lung, neck & armpit to 3.9 X 2.8 cm with nodes gone). He went back in for a CT scan in May and they found no real difference in the mass measurement but they did find in the mediastinum an “abnormal non mass like circumferential mucosal hyperdensity present in the esophagus throughout the thorax, most conspicuously in the region of the thoraci inlet and upper mediastinum, significantly increased compared to prior scan”. My question is, would this concern you? Would you want to do any follow up tests? Do you believe it is heartburn (my son has no symptoms of heartburn)? Given his history of cancer is there a chance this is related to cancer or even cancer again?


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Dr. I. Reeves
Dr. I. Reeves
7:11 am

Spreading, recurrence or relapse is always of concern. Follow up blood tests and scan as recommended by your doctor.

Domina Zluf
7:10 am

Thanks for your question.

Heartburn can be ruled out using other tests

Good Luck.

Beth Irashian
Beth Irashian
7:09 am

Acid reflux is not a common side effect of R-Chop

7:09 am

its a bit of concern. definitly not a heart burn for sure.
get follow up tests every 3 months to see any secondary cancer metastasis

Dr.Honey Arora
11:54 am

Yes, you should get investigations done as recurrence is always a possibility..