I have alternating irritated and bloodshot eyes?

33, Female, no doctor info, no insurance yet. My left eye started to water excessively, & proceed to start pussing! It was gone in about 3 full days. I started to notice the same thing is starting in my right eye, but before I could even get ne medicine for it, it jumped back to my left eye! What’s going on?

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:09 pm

In my opinion causes can be contact lenses , simple flu ( check for running nose associated with it ) , or even pregnancy
Other serious conditions could be occular herpes which is treated by anti viral eye drops like Zirgan
Also there is the possibility of allergic reaction if this happened before

I strongly recommend that you see an ophthalmologists

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:49 pm

Most probably a viral or bacterial infection …less likely allergic reaction ..
Use a tobradex /tobrine drops ..if it did not become better in 2 days you need to see an opthalmologist .thanks

8:45 am

this can be due to an allergic reaction to the lenses or a viral infection through fomites.
wash eyes regularly with clean water.
do not rub or apply anything warm.
eye drops with anti inflammatory ,anti allergic drops will help.

Masr Fawzy
6:12 am

Aee you allergis ? Any history of allergy??
Is there any purulent discharge??
Do you have any error if refraction, wearing glasses or lenses? If yes Myopic or hypertropic . Try to use fresh tears untill we find out .. see an ophalmologist please…