I have been getting really sever rib pains on both side and front and back?

I have been getting really sever rib pains on both side and front and back. When it kicks in really intensely it spreads to my back, chest and stomach too. It feels like there is a lump inside between my ribs right at the top of my rib cage. And when the pain is at its worst I can’t bend to the right side much as it feels like my ribs are being blocked from moving any further and it causes really sever pain to do so. When it’s at its worst I can’t lay down, sit up or stand as everything makes it a lot worse.

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2:12 am

this may be due to costochondritis or vitamin D deficiency.
get a Xray chest and spirometry done to rule out underlying lung pathology.

Masr Fawzy
7:43 am

How old are you ? And what’s your gender?
Y r feeling pain only In the chest area or allovers your body ?

The pain is occasional or continuous?

How many times per day?
Did u tried taking analgesics ? And if yes what’s the result?

It could be sleeping in a wrong way or inflammation in the bones due to a lot of things.. , osteoporosis. ..

Y don’t have any other complains, right?

Consult ur pcp, full examination must be done
Take anti-inflammatory medications and supplements, vit d and calcium

Ayman Darrag
9:32 am

This is mostly due to costochondritis – i recommend seeing a chiropractor for a spinal manipulation , it helps a lot with it and u can use antiinflammatory gel as voltaren for your pain sites twice daily.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:49 pm

Thanks for the query..

Most probable cause can be Costochondritis that is inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join..
Get a Physician examination done and chest x ray and a blood test if infection is suspected..

Dr.Honey Arora
12:51 pm

As of now you can take anti inflammatory painkillers like Ibuprofen and take appropriate rest..
Apply warm or cool compresses over the chest..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
2:32 pm

This is costochondritis , increasing due to cold chills, are you breastfeeding lately? What is your age and sex?