I have brown pigment of sclera in left eye for one year, can’t use lap or mobile ?

my age is 23 i have brown pigment of sclera in left eye for past one year ,one dark red blood vessel pass through that brown pigment..aftrer six months wen i use mobile and lap i feel severe irritation in that sclera blood vessel it get very red later become little red wen i stop using laptop..many blood vessels formed and headache too joined recently in left wen i using mobile or lap ..now i cnt able to use lap or mobile..immediately irritate if i see..have u heard any like me..y that brown pigment came..i attached a picture but long blood vessel is not visible much but u can see lightly..


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Ayman Darrag
2:46 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
This is mostly a conjuctuval nevi pigmentation (benign lesion) or primary acquired melanosis..this must be confirmed by examination and history.
Managed by observation and monitoring and if vascularity increased or size changed..thus direct surgical interference is essential.

Ahmed Fawzy
5:38 pm

Subconjuctival hemorrage can fade on its own in 10 days , yet i do not recommend waiting as it may progress to glaucoma (may cause partial blindness) no eye drops can help exept reduce the pain
See your ophthalmologist as soon as possible

12:30 pm

it seems to be a clotted blood / pigmented patch. see a opthalmologist before it spreads to the pupils.
local eye drops may help resolve it to some extent.