Question: I have fever and body ache and eye pain shivers

I’m 18.I have fever and body ache and eye pain shivers while in bed
i drank 600 ml alcohol drink yesterday
my fever is not going away from yesterday 10:00pm to 8am already
i dont know what to do im scared it never happened before
this i the most ive ever drunk which is one of the few times
also i did intermittent fasting the other 2 weeks
i have taken water and charcoal activated and electrolytes cause i had severe diarrhea
visited the toiled 4-5 times now my bowel is like empty
the fever and pain wont go away what to do
now my palm got numbing I’m scared
please help

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8:14 am

nothing to worry. take anti pyretic and anti inflammatory tablets. take rest,
take anti biotics if required.
consult a nearby doctor