I have had 5 episodes of what I thought was food poisoning, please advise?

I’m having a second episode of a problem that 1st occurred 10 months ago. Started with moderate/ severe pain in the groin with reduced urine flow and swelling of the vaginally tunnel. Pain felt like squeezing in left side like something might bust. It turned excruciating with me screaming in pain. I went to ER. They referred me to gynecologist. Pain levels went up and down but never left. Doctor did all tests including exploratory with no results. I was put on doxycycline for 3 weeks. It worked. Since then I have had 5 episodes of what I thought was food poisoning. But really, 5 times, not likely. Starts with no warning, no ill feeling, no stomach pain, then diarrhea and then awhile after vomiting. For about 8 hours. Then I’m weak but fine. Currently I’ve been treating myself. I started with a liquid diet for 3 days and bactrim (what I have available). Pain eased alot but now is coming back strong on left side. I can point to the small but excruciating spot. What do you think?
Age:45 Female


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Dr. Javez Ernesto

In my opinion the symptoms mentioned in the post are those of UTI. The recurrence of the symptoms may indicate a Complicated Urinary Tract infection. Although C. albicans, herpes simplex, Chlamydia trachomatis and Gardnerella may also present some similar symptoms.

The antibiotics taken seem to have a positive effect.
Recommended investigation for UTI’s include:
-Dipstick analysis of urine
-Examination of the bladder and kidneys
-Urine microscopy
-Urine culture -.
-ultrasound evaluation of the upper urinary tract

Working in collaboration with your personal doctor is the best course of action

Dr.Honey Arora
4:22 am

Your symptoms are pointing towards renal problem..
Can be chronic UTI..
Get an ultrasound done along with urine culture and a blood culture…
Once the cause is confirmed then treatment can be done according to that..
If it is UTI then appropriate antibiotics​like Norfloxacin, Nitrofurantoin etc can be advised to you..
Also drinking plenty of water can help..

Hope this helps..


6:39 pm

I was checked numerous times for UTI, probably 10 times. Never positive. Why would they do an exploratory surgery of the female organs if it was a UTI. Both doctors are focusing on only my Urinary issue. This happened most likely because something pressing on a ureter. Inflammation. My suspicion is diverticulitis. Which does affect urinary in some cases. This is something with my colon. So I would love a response from a gastroenternologist. The rest of my body was thouroly tested. Thanks though

Domina Zluf
2:29 am

Thanks for your question and comments,

A colonoscopy would allow your doctor to examine visually your large intestine. And rule out many issues, such as diverticulitis.

Good luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:21 am

Then you can get a colonoscopy done so that your digestive tract can be assessed and the cause can be narrowed down..

Hope this helps..