I have had elevated liver enzymes, is there a problem with my liver?

Starting 2014, I have had elevated liver enzymes (right after I delivered my baby) which resolved on their own in a few months. Now I again in 2017 (afte delivering my second baby), same thing is happening. All ultrasounds are normal. But now my ANA is positive yet liver enzymes are normal again (except ALP by 1-2 points – this is what has gone up the most in the past years up to 80 points). Hepatologist doesn’t think it’s the liver and is sending me to a rheumatologist. I do have Hashmitos and hypothyroidism since 2012. Please give your advice on that this is.
Medications: Levothyroxine

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Dr.Honey Arora
6:55 am

Some causes of elevated liver enzymes during pregnancy are acute fatty liver, Cholestesis, HELLP Syndrome..

But of Hepatologist does not find it related to liver disease and also the ANA levels are high, then it is better to get checked by a Rheumatologist..

Although presence of ANA does not always indicate presence of active autoimmune disease but still needs to be evaluated to avoid further complications..

Hope this helps..

Regards .

Ayman Darrag
2:00 pm

Are you over weight , how is your cholesterol level?

Ahmed Fawzy
2:41 pm

my opinion your liver is fine, this is slight temporary increase related to having a delivery one month earlier or just delivery itself, I agree with your doctor
Good Luck