I have had spine problems since an accident in 1992?

I have had spine problems since an accident in 1992 when I hit my head on low door way twisted my head fell with my shoulders on hard floor and also broke my tibia and fibia.

The symptoms after that started were wide and varied I have been bedridden for last 3 years in chronic pain.

I beleive when I had the accident it caused problems around T1 possibly prolapsed disc. The symptoms from this pain down sides stomach and groin pain. My neck and upper back have basically ceased up. I get loud cracking in my head heard by me and if loud crack others in room. I have just been diagnosed with problem at C3 nothing about T1.
I assume when you have a prolapsed disc at this level T1 it is generally left.
I have just managed to sort the muscles out and pain downwards has stopped.. When you have sciatic pain it can stop and start again years later. I believe with thoracic referred pain the problem continues as this area does not move. I by any chance it moves and the pain stops is there any chance it will stay ok similar to when sciatica goes.

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Ayman Darrag
6:37 pm

Yes all chronic musculoskeletal pains take the same course,however, I recommend following a physiotherapy program with a professional physiotherapist for both your lumbar and thoracic problems based on physical evaluation .

Ahmed Fawzy
9:38 pm

All radiating pains take same course, however thoracic vertebra is not fixed as you might think , there is some mobility to it so physical therapy can indeed help if it’s thoracic , notice that even your feet position (angle) can affect biomechanics of the whole body
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
7:37 am

You should first of all get a latest MRI Scan done for ruling out the exact status of your spine and the spinal nerves..
Any problem that is present will be ruled out..
For now you can take painkillers and muscle relaxants, use counter irritant gels and do physiotherapy under supervision of a Neurophysician or Orthopedician..

Hope this helps..