I have lumps and lymph nodes swollen, feel tired and other symptoms, please advise?

First is dizziness and nausea with occasional balance issues. Worse when lying down and moving head different directions. Blurry vision getting worse. Severe fatigue and weaknesses throughout body. Shortness of breath when bending over. Not sleeping well. Also very concerned about lymph nodes being swollen. Especially in my groin on both sides. Never had this happen before. They are swollen and tenderness to touch. Also painful at times like when I move my legs a certain way. They have been this way for at least 4 weeks. Haven’t went away at all, just seem to be getting worse.Lastly, I have lumps appearing all over my body. Some I’ve had for years but a lot of new ones are popping up everywhere. Some are growing, some are painful when touched or when I move. I recently found a lump in my right breast. I’m in a lot of pain all over my body. I feel so tired and hurt and feel weak almost everyday. My hands and legs go numb. I can’t find a doctor who will listen to me. One other thing, sometimes I have urinary retention problems. Its hard to urinate and empty bladder completely. Most of these things I have been complaining about for the past 4 years. Everything is getting worse. I don’t know what to do.

Age: 47
General Information: Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid nodules( right and left sides)seen endo and surgeon about the nodules. Both have differing opinions about what should be done.

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:12 am

First of all get a complete brain and spinal MRI done.
Secondly ear examination should be done..
As there are thyroid nodules therefore a complete thyroid profile should be done..
Also the lumps over body should be examined and in case if they are continuing to grow them they can be biopsied and a complete blood picture should be done..
Lump on breast should not be ignored, although it can be benign in nature but still needs evaluation..

Hope this helps


Haleema Yezdani

Hello Let’s go through your problem one by one, In view of your dizziness and blurred vision it is very important that we get a CT scan of the brain done to rule out any major issues. Dizziness could also occur due to vitamin D deficiency or ear problems also. Hope you are already replacing vitamin D, get an ENT evaluation done. For the breast lump are you having fever? If not please get a mammogram done.

5:10 am

Hey there, Your symptoms are quite interesting… I am an Emergency Medicine Doctor, and I’m quite used to treating patients with similar symptoms. Usually, doctors need a variety of tests to determine the right treatment and to confirm the diagnosis. A CT scan and/or MRI should definently be preformed in order to determine any brain damage or anything unusual. Also, an ear examination is also important, as the semicircular canals inside the inner ear may be affected, causing your bad balance. The Tyroid nodules aren’t too concerning, usually caused by iodine deficiency. Also, the lump on your breast should get… Read more »