Is it correct that I could be retaining fluid while at the same time being dehydrated?

I have always had a problem with fluid retention and take medicine for it. Last summer I started having a rapid pulse for no obvious reason. Since I have hypothyroidism my doctor lowered my dose of medicine. That worked for a short time but then the rapid post came back so again my dose of medicine was lowered. This happened three times and I was referred to an endocrinologist who felt that the lower dose I was on was appropriate. Now my rapid pulse has returned. I did some research and learned that if I was dehydrated it would also cause a rapid pulse. Since I am tired all the time and unable to lose weight I am concerned that my thyroid medicine does is not correct. My problem may stem from dehydration as it seems every time I am admitted to the hospital for some other reason I am told I am dehydrated. I am 77 years old and have CLL and am on Imbruvica for that plus many other medical problems including stage three kidney disease. Is it correct that I could be retaining fluid while at the same time being dehydrated. I try to drink as much fluid as I can but obviously it must not be enough. I am afraid if I go to my doctor they are just going to lower the thyroid medicine again and if they do that I will probably be sleeping 20 hours a day due to tiredness.

Age: 77
Medications: Imbruvica, gababentin synthroid, Welbutrin, sulfasalazine, lasix, acyclovir,pristique, eliquis buspirone, valsartin,,prilosec

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:41 am

Hi.. So sorry to hear about your problem.. Well fluid retention can be due to your kidney related problem as it is a common cause of edema or fluid accumulation in the body.. As far as rapid pulse is concerned it can be a side effect of any medication or Thyroid related fluctuations but it can also be related to severe anxiety or Cardiac issues.. So please get your thyroid levels checked.. Also answer the following questions: -Can you please tell that have you been monitoring your blood pressure? If, yes what is the range? -Have you ever got your… Read more »

Arti Sharma
10:06 am

Hi.I understand your situation.Swelling ,edema could be due to kidney problems,cardiac problems or thyroid problem.You need to get complete kidney function tests done and thyroid tests again.Rapid pulse can be due to dehydration, anxiety,thyroid or cardiac problem.Get your blood pressure monitored and also get a echocardiography of the heart done.You need a comprehensive evaluation.Take care of yourself.Best wishes!

Original Poster
Original Poster
10:23 am

To answer your questions: My thyroid levels were checked two weeks ago. My kidney function is closely monitored. My blood pressure averages 120/76. I have recently had a full heart checkup that showed no problems. With the rapid pulse the only thing I notice is a heaviness in my head.

Domina Zluf
4:48 pm

Not drinking enough water on a regular basis can, in fact, cause water retention. But identifying the exact problem will require a comprehensive evaluation.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:26 pm

Well then it can be probably any medication that is causing you side effects..
It is not necessarily thyroid medication as you are taking many others too.
So please consult a Medicine specialist and get evaluated..