I have migraine with aura/epilepsy and osteoma ostitis, now have vision problems and numbness?

I am 27 years old (male). 7 months back I suddenly felt numbness on my left side and tingling with darkness or blindness in my left eye which lasted for about 1 min (several times a day). I did CT Scan, MRI and EEG of brain and doctor told me I have migraine with aura/epilepsy and osteoma ostitis (3.2cmX1.9 cm) on Occipital bone. Numbness was bit controlled after continuing medication but these days it is happening frequently. Currently I’m under these following medicines:

– Topiramate 50 mg twice a day
– Gabapentin 300 mg twice a day
– Pizotifen BP 0.5 mg once in a night
– Thiamine Mononitrate + Pyridoxine Hydrochloride + Cyanocobalamin. Twice a day

But 1 month back I had fever for 10 days and since then I am experiencing vision problem which are flashes of light, check pattern with lights. I cannot read on white paper and feel comfortable to stay in dark. Retina specialist has confirmed that my eyes are alright. Also I suffer from severe headache sometimes.

I am confused whether this vision problem and numbness are related to the tumor or not and what should I do now? It will be highly appreciated if I could get any suggestion from you.

** I would also like to mention here that I’m a software engineer by profession for which I need to work with PC for 8-10 hrs a day X 7 days a week.

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Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
These new symptoms are strongly related to the tumor and its site so you need to get a recent CT scan /MRI and see a neurosurgeon..