I have night sweats, can’t focus, lack of sleep, weight loss, what is going on?

Hi guys 22 year old caucasian Female here, 162cm, 59kg
Roughly four weeks ago I stayed at my parent’s house and woke up absolutely drenched in sweat. They had just bought a new futon, and it was a leather-type fabric, so I had assumed it was down to that. I went back home but the sweats did not stop. I would say, give or take a few days off, I have been drenched in sweat every evening since. Sometimes it’s so bad that I will have a dream that I am sweating (this has happened twice now).
It will wake me up in the early hours, say 1am, and again at 3 or 4am, and I will be so thirsty I have to down about a pint of water before attempting to sleep again. I can no longer bear the heating on.
My doctor thought it could be hormonal so I was sent for PCOS-related blood checks. My hormone levels all came back dandy. They did ultrasound me and find a TINY 0.6MM cyst on my right ovary but as my metabolic indications weren’t there, they did not think it could be causing the sweats.
Two weeks into the sweating I got an incredibly bad cold, which came with a cough – it was a rattly cough, but my chest is clear. I am still coughing up chunks of white phlegm a few times an hour. I had a chest x-ray that has come back clear. Other cold symptoms have subsided.
My doctor took a shed load of blood tests last week My blood tests have come back as no action required. They took Renal profile, bone profile, liver function, tsh, esr, fbc, HIV 1/2, CMV, and EBV Antibody. So what the hell is going on? I’m just really suffering from the lack of sleep. Originally the cough was thought to be due to a throat infection, but the medication given to me did not settle it. We thought it could be nasal drip so I tried Avamys nasal spray, but that has made no difference, and as I am not congested at all in my nose it was hard to believe anyway. The doctor had a check of my lymph nodes and said she could feel a few raised in my throat but did not pursue it further.
I have lost about 3kg this month but have been on a low carb eating lifestyle since April. My calories SHOULD be at maintenance (1600-1800kcal a day) so perhaps this is due to the amount I am sweating at night? I just feel really goddamned tired now, like I can’t focus, and I dread sleeping because I know it will be interrupted in just a few hours.
EDIT: My thyroid has also been checked via bloods and that all came back normal, and I have no other diagnosed long-term health issues. I am a recovered bulimic in case that is relevent (2yrs out of recovery).

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:07 pm

In my opinion first check for tuberculosis
If it comes back negative then i recommend you try atarax 10 mg twice a day , if it helps then i recommend you see a psychologist

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:14 pm

For me I think it is a bacterial /T.B chest infection ..
A sputum culture is needed to follow a suitable antibiotic.

7:33 am

these are signs of chronic inflammatory lung disease.
get chest CT done along with blood and sputum examination.

8:32 am


shalini p
10:48 am

hello there,
this seems to be a chronic disease like tuberculosis,brucellosis.
get a chest physician opinion.
AKT will help cure the disease if tuberculosis is confirmed.

Masr Fawzy
5:03 pm

Your history is suggesting tuberculosis strongly,
I recommend you to do tuberculosis diagnostic tests

Best regards