I have really bad pain in both of my ovary sides, bladder infection or ectopic pregnancy?

Good day. I need help i have really bad pain in both of my ovary sides… I went to the doctor he pushed on my right and it hurt. But then he pushed on my left side and i screamed with pain. I had a full bladder so when he pushed on my bladder it hurted but he said that’s normal for a overfull bladder. And then i peed in a cup. He then pushed it again i had no pain. He moved from the right side to the left and when he pushed i screamed again. He said i might be pregnant.. Then i told him i had sex unprotected with my bf on the 3 sept and i had my period on the 16 sept… I had a really bad period. And then October came i had my period on the 14th… Barely a period… Had no symptoms. Just ate a lot. But my next period is due on the 14 Nov. The doctor then said i wont be pregnant so he said i had bladder infection just by looking at my pee… He did not test it.. He gave me meficine which is not taking away my side pains but giving me nausea for a little while… Can i be pregnant unknowingly … I did take test.. Negative. Is this a case of ectopic pregnancy… My sister said it might be…. Or is the doctor right …do i have infection. I had bladder infection before that is why i know the feeling. Its not the same. I also had ovary infection about 5-6 months ago. The doctors did give me meds. I have not had any pain since then… But two months ago when i had sex with my bf … I had a really really bad period. Is there anything else that might cause this pain i am having in both my ovary sides or is it bladder infection?? I am only 19 years and completely freaked out now. Please help.
Thank you

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Ayman Darrag
12:37 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Well I think you have had pelvic inflammatory disease that caused ectopic pregnancy … The best thing to do now is get an us and a pregnancy hormonal test ..also a urine test is essential..