I currently suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, woke up in excruciating pain?

i am 19 years old and currently suffer from rheumatoid arthritis i have tried 3 types of medications and seem to be getting no where recently my symptoms have gotten so severe its making me worry about my safety. I have felt pain in my neck and right shoulder for more than a year everyday i am in severe pain. The past 3 or so months have gotten so extreme i am now dealing with migraines , blurred vision, lightheadedness , nausea , and numbing of my right arm and coldness of both my hands , this has been every single day . This morning i woke to my hands frozen and the top of my spine in excruciating pain along with pain in shoulder neck and lower back part of my skull. What do u think i have ?

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Ayman Darrag
1:00 pm

Hi and welcome to questiondoctors.com
It seems just your are having a rheumatic activity flare up..I recommend seeing your rheumatologist for drug revision ..
Cervical spines xray ..avoiding cold weather.. And getting rest and stress release techniques..
Apply an ice pack to inflamed joints to help ease swelling. Cold can also help to numb pain and relax muscle spasms.
If you’re experiencing tight, aching muscles, a relaxing warm bath or hot shower can soothe them. You can also apply a hot towel, a heating pad, or other hot pack to help relax tense muscles and relieve pain and stiffness.

Nouran Maamdouh
8:16 pm

This is caused by the rheumatoid activity.
you have developed degenerative changes in your neck.
See your doctor and an xray will show what is going on.