I have this sore on my neck on my hair line, is it skin cancer?

I have this sore on my neck on my hair line, it keep scabbing and is very sore, now it’s like a hole and oozing. I’m very scared it may be skin cancer. It’s been there for months. It’s starting to throb it hurts so bad. Please, any information will be very helpful.

Medications: Zoloft, birth control

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Arti Sharma
11:12 pm

Hi and thanks for posting us.
The possible options in your case are sebaceous cyst or folliculitis. Do not worry. Think of the common possible causes before arriving at a diagnosis of skin cancer which seems unlikely in your case. I think you should get it evaluated by your primary care physician. If it is folliculitis treatment with antibiotic cream may help but if its sebaceous cyst it needs to be excised. Take care and keep us posted!

Dr.Honey Arora
3:04 am

It looks like an hair follicle infection..
Can you please tell that does it improve and recur or is it continuously spreading?
Did you use any medication topically or orally?

Please revert back.


Ayman Darrag
5:27 am

My opinion is it is multiple sebaceous cysts ,but it should be investigated by a dermatologist and it is better excised.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:22 am

No it is not cancer, it is just hair follicles staff infection, topical antibiotics will solve the problem
Good Luck