I need to take travel sickness tablets?

I am 81 and am traveling on the Irish Sea tomorrow pm. I need to take travel sickness tablets. I am in reasonably good health. Would it be alright for me to take one of these before travelling on the ferry? I have purchased a packet of Kwells and the blurb suggests I seek medical advice.

Age: 81
Medications: none

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Dr.Honey Arora
2:41 pm

It is always preferable to take any medicine after consulting a Physician.

Kwells contain hyosine hydrobromide and can make you sleepy or cause other side effects.

Although not necessary that everyone will get side effects..

But considering your age you can once consult a Physician and get a basic examination done like your vital signs

You can take the medicine after reassurance.


Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:58 pm

Kwells – Hyoscine Hydrobromide- also known as scopolamine should be avoided for a person of 81 years of age. Adverse effects of this medication are increased in elderly people. You should NOT take this medication if you are taking other medications or if you suffer from acute urinary retention, cardiovascular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, liver or renal disease, CNS disorders such as seizures, prostatic enlargement, paralytic ileus, pyloric stenosis, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis and hepatic impairment. Travel sickness can be minimized by staying on the most stable part of the boat – usually the center – and looking out to the horizon.