Question: I need to urinate every 15 minutes…now using my mother’s diaper

Sudden onset of frequent urination literally every 15 to 20 min and after about 7 hrs of this and having to use one of my mothers diapers I notice there is a pink tent on the diaper this is with no pain. I normally keep myself well hydrated by drinking 8 to ten glades of water a day but for the past few days have needed almost double that amount for unknown reason unless it is the sinus dds I have had to take for the last several weeks terrible sinus drainage to the point of having to sit up to sleep or drown!!all over counter meds as I do not like prescription meds what can e causing this??

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7:43 am

the medicines that you are taking seem to be causing this problem. i dont see any other reason for these symptoms at your age.
to be on safer side you can get your urine checked for any infection or signs of early stones. these also may cause high frequency of urination.

u can stop the medicines you’ve been taking and see if it improves.