What could I do in order not to go so many times to the restroom?

Hi I am a male person and my age is 55, I exercise every day 1-2 hours, I noticed that like 2-3 months ago I started drinking more and more water than before to the point that I needed to have a bottle of water with me all the time, but it is uncomfortable because I have to go to restroom almost every 2 hours during daytime and wake up like 3-4 times during night time, I noticed that I lost weight too, and muscular mass also because my pants now are very loose, I should be more than happy because maybe the gym is working but those many visits to the restroom is what is getting uncomfortable and getting out of control. is this normal? or what could I do in order not to go so many times to the restroom, I started to drink less water to see what happen, but the sensation is still there

Medications: none
General Information: Also when I wake up my mount is completely dry like my salivary glands were not producing any saliva that is only at night time during the day is normal

Suffering from frequent urination for over a month, what is wrong with me?

I’ve been suffering from frequent urination for over a month. Symptoms were severe with associated R lower back pain,pelvic pain, and pain while urinating. I would go to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. Volume has been high most bathroom visits. Even when a small amount of urine in my bladder, I felt like I needed to go immediately. Placed on antibiotics x10 days, symptoms decreased but still present. Bathroom visits every hour to two hours. What is wrong with me?

Age: 34
Medications: None
General Information: Yes, prescribed antibiotics approximately 2 weeks ago. Antibiotics helped but symptoms still present

Question: I need to urinate every 15 minutes…now using my mother’s diaper

Sudden onset of frequent urination literally every 15 to 20 min and after about 7 hrs of this and having to use one of my mothers diapers I notice there is a pink tent on the diaper this is with no pain. I normally keep myself well hydrated by drinking 8 to ten glades of water a day but for the past few days have needed almost double that amount for unknown reason unless it is the sinus dds I have had to take for the last several weeks terrible sinus drainage to the point of having to sit up to sleep or drown!!all over counter meds as I do not like prescription meds what can e causing this??