I sprained my ankle really bad I have partial tears of ligaments – need second opinion?

I sprained my ankle really bad 2 months ago! I got an X-ray but the X-ray was okay. The swelling didn’t go even after two weeks so my doctor suggested getting no an mri. The Mri repost said I have partial tears of the anterior talofibular and calceneofibular ligaments!

Other findings are-
Marrow edema involving the lateral talar dome, portion of the medial malleolus and small portion of the cuboid presumably representing intraosseous contusions.

I don’t understand the above and I’m really freaking out! My podiatrist has given me naproxen and asked me to make alphabets with my foot everyday for a month. But I want to know it is really unusual to have the selling even after two months. I can walk easily I have no pain. But pain is get in mornings when I wake up. Plz let me know if I should get a second option from another podiatrist?

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Ayman Darrag
9:51 pm

seems you are having a very weak ankle muscles as well as weak veins..u need to do intensive physiotherapy,Ultra sonic waves,hydrotherapy,and exercises to strength your muscles to allow for fluid return and swelling to decrease….do continuous elevation above heart level..
concerning the medications..i recommend seeing another podiatrist for medical management..


8:56 am

The marrow oedema mentioned in the mri regarding the bones in the ankle is a normal finding after any ankle sprain and anyone will have it.
Its temporary and should not be worried about.

The partial ligaments need strict rest and immobilisation in a plaster cast for atleast 3 weeks followed by ankle strengthening exercises.
Only tablets won’t work.