I’ve been having headaches for about 3 years now, losing sight in my left eye?


I’ve been having headaches for about 3 years now constant and painful ones, lately this year I’ve started losing my sight in my left eye going blurry or completely black. I’ve had a doctor say it was a pesdotumor and then a couple others suggest it was a real one, so we did a MRI and a CAT scan and they haven’t found anything. I was just wondering if y’all would have a second opinion or if y’all could tell me what it is.

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8:51 am

If you have cat scan and mri and if they haven’t found anything positive then there is no organic disease for sure.
Sometimes the optic nerve that supplies sensations and carries impulses of our eyes gets transiently swollen and inflammed that may cause these symptoms.
Get a retina scan done to see if anything is wrong in retina.