I suffer from diarrhea and had blood in stools, what causes my digestion issues?

What causes my digestion issues? I’m 20 yr old female 5’4 115 lbs. most the time I am normal however I go through phases where I have diarrhea instantly any time I eat or sometimes terrible constipation. A year and a half ago I had bright red blood in stool for 2 months that went away and around that time I lost 20 lbs without having any change in diet (I eat ALOT). Since then I’ve gained weight back and I fluctuate rapidly between 110-125. Just about everything I eat causes terrible instant bloating especially soy, bread, and dairy I’ve noticed. Sometimes my lower abdomen is so bloated and swollen to a point of uncomfortable minor pain. Sometimes I notice a fleshy mucus in my stools. This happened a couple days ago and since then I’ve thrown up anything I eat or I have diarrhea instantly. I also go through phases where I am very abnormally fatigued. Also This may be unrelated but since I was a little kid, this weird thing happens where my body uncontrollably shakes (I am conscious ) I get terrible nausea and a terrible horrific pain that feels like it’s in my bones. Last year it happened a couple times a week for a few months but it usually only happens 1-2 times a year. Each episode lasts around an hour, 4 being the most. I’ve talked to drs but it seems they all blow it off. Any answers?

Age: 20
Medications: None

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Ayman Darrag
3:05 pm

From your symptoms in my opinion you are mainly suffering irritable bowel syndrome , in addition to lactose intolerance and (gluten sensitivity),
I recommend starting with h.pylori in stool and complete stool analysis.