I had a cardiac catheter ablation last week , I had another SVT episode, should I be worried?

Last Friday I had a cardiac catheter ablation to get rid of my SVT. The doctors successfully found the problem area and they told me they were able to get rid of it. Today (Thursday, almost one week later) I had another SVT episode when I was babysitting. It lasted for about 40 seconds and it wasn’t as bad as usual but it was SVT. Should I be worried that they didn’t get it or is this maybe just a side effect of the surgery or maybe the tissue isn’t healed or something like that.

Age: 25
Medications: CBD pills for anxiety
General Information: Nothing other than I’ve had SVT for 3 years now and it’s been exactly 1 week since I had the surgery.

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Arti Sharma
10:45 am

Hello and thanks for posting.Catheter ablation results in almost 95% cure in SVT.In very few cases repeat ablation may be needed. In your case I do not thnk there is anything to worry since it wasfor 40 seconds.When is your next followup with your cardio?Do discuss this with him.Have you been taking the followup medications as advised?Take care!