Question: I suffer severe migraines when using laptop and phone

I have severe migraine on the right side. I’ve had this pain for a long time now its over 3 years and it’s getting worse. Before a year i went to hospital and they told me to wear glasses with protection against radiation because i use laptop and phone alot but it didn’t work. I can’t take it, it’s very painful please help I can’t go to hospital non of their treatments worked.

Let me describe to you what happens when i’m in pain : first when the migraine starts it starts slowly without pain but i can feel and the same time i have this weird sense on my throat like I can’t breathe normally it feels like i’m taking less oxygen than usual and i feel like getting chocked but not to my entire throat just the 2 big veins on each side that pumps the blood to the brain.
Then i close my laptop and everything and turn off the lights because it makes it worse
Then lay down on my bed grab my hand push on my right side of my head where the pain is and try to stay calm as much as possible without noises
Then i just fall asleep and then wake up and the pain is gone but it comes back when in start using my lap and phone again
But there is something different this year which my method of getting rid of the pain works less than it used be.
That’s why I came here to find out what is wrong with me.

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6:35 am

its migraine and its getting worse, because radiations from laptop and mobile are worsening the symptoms and i dont think as a working person,u can avoid using them.

u can take migranil tablets for migraine, but i suggest u to start it only after a consultation with a neurologist or a md physician.

yoga and meditation, analgesics will be of help.