I suffer with weakness in my left leg since a knee injury 7 years ago.

Hello, I’m a 31 year old male with an un-diagnosed issue for 7 years.

I suffer with weakness in my left leg since a knee injury 7 years ago. My knee is now completely fine but my gluten muscles (through the buttock) are always very tight and it causes me tight hamstrings and even foot pressure.
When I’m walking around I can feel the lack of muscle strength in my leg, it feels like it’s dropping and collapsing downwards causing me to limp around most days. Even gentle activity such as walking or going upstairs can be challenging. My leg will tremble when squatting or bending down. I’ve had treatment from Chiropractors and Physiotherapists but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Back in 2011 I saw a Neurologist who said he “didn’t know anything about leg weakness, it’s not his area” and had no idea what was going on but did send me for an MRI scan, he told me to see a Podiatrist as it could be something to do with the foot. The MRI scan came back normal and the Podiatrist said these symptoms are Neurological and I shouldn’t have been taken off the Doctors list.

In 2015 My Doctor referred me to a Orthopedic specialist who deals with back problems, so I thought this was good progress . Within 5 months I was told I can’t go to the specialist and talk to him and was taken off the waiting list by the health service. This is because the spine MRI scans have come back normal. Apparently there’s no pathology on the scans , so a specialist won’t be able to give any ““answers”. Chiropractors/Physiotherapy have told me they are certain the problem is starting from the lumber area of my back, possible L2 L3…?
I have to mention that it doesn’t seem to be Sciatica, nobody finds any real pressure causing a Sciatica problem. I’m being told it’s more pressure on a nerve somewhere else.

Within 7 years I’ve now seen Physiotherapists, 2 Chiropractors, and a Podiatrist .I have quite a lot of soft tissue massage that relieves symptoms for a while, however the problem still remains.
I would love to know what could be causing the symptoms. How can it be so difficult for Doctors to diagnose? Are there any more tests that could find out what’s going on? I recently had to push a luggage trolley and it’s aggravated the whole condition so I’m now experiencing more discomfort.

I would appreciate your opinion and any advice you can give me.


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Dr.Honey Arora
6:51 am

Hi. Thanks for the query.. It looks like nerve compression most probably. Nerve compression can occur due to a disc herniation or bone spur formation in the lower back and can cause motor weakness. Weakness will first be noted as an abnormal gait. Pain inhibition can mimic nerve loss and muscle weakness. Pain can also be associated with nerve compression without weakness. The gait may still be altered by pain. L5, S1 area can be involved.. A Neurosurgeon should be reconsulted and proper examination and a repeat MRI should be done.. For now avoid lifting heavy weight and also reduce… Read more »

6:18 pm

Thank you very much for replying to my question and for your advice, I will follow this up. I was wondering why the MRI scans don’t show nerve problems like this, as my scans have come back clear.

Dr.Honey Arora
9:56 am

Yes, your scans should be diagnostic for the nerve related problems but might be something is missed out although it is not very common..
So it is better to get a clinical co-relation done with the scans for narrowing down the cause and treatment can be done according to the diagnosis..

Hope you get well soon..