I take clozaril, is it dangerous to have MAC anesthesia in combination with this medication?

Hello!! I have a question about anesthesia. I need to get surgery on my foot to cut down a bump on a bone. The doctor said it’s only going to be a fifty minute procedure and I will be able to leave the hospital the same day. I take the medication clozaril for a sleep problem (even though it is normally prescribed for schizophrenia), and I was just wondering if it is dangerous to have MAC anesthesia in combination with this medication. Is it better to use a certain anesthetic than others when in combination with it? I was told by my doctor that I just shouldn’t take it the morning of the operation but I just wanted to get a second opinion because I have never had surgery before and am a bit nervous about it. I am 41 years old, female, weigh 135 pounds, am 5’7, and clozaril (200 mg a day) is the only medication I take. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

Medications: clozaril


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Ayman Darrag
2:04 am

Actually it is true that taking antipsychotic drugs influence the type of anesthesia and complications,however it is dependant on risk factors like obesity,diabetes and smoking,other complications are about hyposensitivity to pain after surgery and postural hypotension,regulation of temperature during surgery that your anesthesia doctor should know you are taking that treatment,however MAC is the technique of choice in your case so you dont have to worry about it…
Get well soon ..

Ahmed Fawzy
12:35 pm

Clozapine has drug interaction with any type of anesthesia , I recommend stoping it the surgery day (14 hours before surgery)
There is no substitute or a way around it
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
4:12 pm

Yes interaction is commonly seen..
It is advisable to avoid taking the medication on the day of surgery..
Talk to your Anaesthesist as he knows your entire medication history and once confirmed proceed for the Surgery..