I have a history of light PCOS and recently have been diagnosed with a 21 mm Sub serosal Myoma?

I’m a 32 years old woman who has history of light PCOS and recently have been diagnosed with a 21 mm Sub serosal Myoma. I have been having serious pain around uterus area on and off and it becomes very serious on my periods. Recently I have taken Epimedium pills and that gets me even worse and I bleed after taking that. What do you suggest ? Should I stop taking Epimedium? I have hard time finding any helpful information on Epimedium known as Horny Goat Weed which has helped me with my sex life but otherwise have negative effects on me.

Thank you very much


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Ahmed Fawzy
9:22 am

Epimedium cause muscle spasm, the period is considered a series of uterus wall contractions (spasm like) leading to pain especially in the presence of fibroids , so I recommend Ketoprofen 150mg
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
9:48 am

Hi,although it is good for your sex drive but it has harmful effects on people with hormonal disturbances and sometimes cause increased bleeding in your period so ot may worsen your pains,i recommend losing weight if you have extra pounds and practicing and minimize your intake from epimedium .

Dr.Honey Arora
11:00 am

Subserosal fibroids are present on outside of the uterus and there is no specific medical treatment for it and is appropriate only to relieve the symptoms..
As you are taking Epimedium you should stop taking it and consult a Gynaecologist and discuss about it..
Also if symptoms are worsening then Laparoscopy removal of the fibroid can be done..

Hope this helps..