Question: I tried mdma (ecstasy) 2 days ago and I had a very bad stroke

I tried mdma 2 days ago and I had a very bad stroke at the time I thought it was a panix attack so I didn’t go to the ER. I couldn’t think or talk right, my eyes wouldn’t focus, I forgot everything in a matter of seconds, my face went numb, my arms were numb and tingling and u couldn’t walk right. I am only 18 and know nothing when it comes to strokes and I’m also not a junkie so i don’t know if it was the molly or me. Anyway it’s been 2 days and I have memory loss sometimes, I can walk but it feels weird and I feel pressure in my chest and head. Should I go see a doctor or let this pass?

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6:31 am

i have gone through your question and i feel that you should definitely see a doctor as it has been almost 48 hours now and you still have symptoms. Definitely, the symptoms that you got are not to be neglected. You need to be investigated and treated accordingly.
do consult a doctor as soon as possible