Question: 19 year old …pre cancer and hpv cells…doctors not helping me?

For 8 months I had an infection. I started going to do the doctor and I had abnormal cells. The cells were pre cancer and hpv. I had to have some of my cervix cut out while this was going on my doctor quietly told the nurse what kind of infection I had. After he told me it’s not a yeast infection but it does act like one and that’s why over the counter meds for test won’t help that’s all he said about it. He gave me meds to get rid of the infection but 2 weeks later it came back. The man who gave me meds and did my cervix stuff was my Normal doctor. My gyno refuses to touch me even for check for my 6 month check up for more pre cancer. What can I do? The only doctors I can afford are not helping me and talking to me about what my own body is doing. How can solve me infection? By the way I’m 19 and this has all happened this year

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6:37 am

hi.. i really feel for you that your own doctors are doing this with you. truely speaking, getting precancer cells at this age is absolutely very rare and i dont think you may be having any of those. if you have any reports saying that you have pre cancer cells, then please attach a photo with your question. you seem to be having just a form of routine vaginal infection, may be the organisms are different, but it definitely seems to be a infection that can be cured by medicines and if required with local vaginal anti fungal pessaries. u… Read more »