I was diagnosed with a brain tumor as well as fluid on the brain, losing memory?

Hello, a few years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor as well as fluid on the brain. At the time I had a shunt put in to remove the fluid but from what I recall the tumor was too deep to be able to do anything with it. I am 34, a month away from 35. This was about 4 years ago. Recently I have been losing a lot of my memory, it generally happens when I wake up. It was happening a lot but normally my memory would come back within a few minutes to a few hours, but today it’s been a few hours since I woke up and I can barely remember the last week. It took me a few hours to remember who I am and where I am. From the little I do remember and what my flatmate has said, it seems to be getting worse lately and I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas?

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Ayman Darrag
1:21 pm

In my opinion you should get a MRI of brain done again as it could be re-accumulation of fluid or revival of an unremoved tumor..
Not scaring you but you should take it seriously ..

Ahmed Fawzy
1:56 pm

I recommend rechecking your cerebtro ventrecular fluid levels as it may have increased hence redoing the shunt, it would help if you can upload your CT Scan of the tumor
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:45 am

You need to get checked for the flaring up of tumour or increased intracranial pressure.. You should immediately consult a Neurophysician and get evaluated and an MRI Scan can be done..

Hope this helps..

Masr Fawzy
9:39 pm

An urgent MRI is v important, do you feel any headache , dizziness, blurred vision, double vision, nausea , projectile vomiting, confusion, syncope or loss pelt consciousness, problem in speech ??