I had Rubella during pregnancy, will child be crippled or abnormal, should I get an abortion?

I am a married woman of 27 years’ age. My weight is 75 kg and height 5 feet 6 inches.
Since Nov 16 I have been trying for pregnancy. After that my regular menstrual cycle of 28 days used to get delayed by 6 to 10 days.

However, my last menstrual period started on 23.02.17. On 24.03.17, I noticed some red rashes on my face and upper part of body with over 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature. I didn’t go for any test or Doctor. I took one or two anti-allergic tablets as i previously had little bit allergic problems with chilli or hot things. After two days I was o.k.
However, as my menstrual cycle didn’t recur, I went for USG test on 20.4.17, and it confirmed me as pregnant and detected a single live fetus of approximately seven weeks one day.
However, my doctor advised me to undergo rubella IgG test along with certain other routine tests.

All other test reports were o.k.
But Rubella IgG test done on 18.4.17 in A LAB showed the result to be Positive (340 IU/ml) Reference range used was: <10 IU/ml=negative, 10 to 15IU/ml=equivocal, >15IU/ml=positive. My doctor told me that I was immune against rubella, so i need not be worried and should not go for rubella IgM test (as i had recent history of red rashes) since it can’t be detected so late.

I was not satisfied, and on 27.4.17 I went for both rubella IgG and IgM tests done in ‘B’ Lab. The result was anti Rubella antibody IgG: 308.61IU/ml……reference range used is negative: <10.0, positive >10.0.
Anti rubella antibody IgM was: 121.43 AU/ml…reference range used is negative: <20.00, positive >25.00, equivocal: 20.00-25.00

However, I was perplexed and I wanted to be sure about my rubella infection.
On 4.5.17, again I went for both rubella IgG and IgM tests done in ‘A’ lab. It detected rubella antibody IgG as 291 IU/ml….Reference range used was: <10 IU/ml=negative, 10 to 15 IU/ml=equivocal, >15 IU/ml=positive.

It also detected rubella antibody IgM as positive (1.50)….Reference range used was: <0.8 index =negative, 0.8 to 1.2 index =equivocal, >1.2 index=positive.

Sir, my question is do you find any inconsistency in the reports of different labs for tests done on different dates? Why is rubella IgG which stays lifelong unchanged is decreasing? And the most important question is will my Baby be affected by this infection which occurred in early pregnancy? I don’t want to give birth to a crippled or abnormal child.But it is my first pregnancy. What should I do? Should I go for abortion? Will it cause any problem to my future pregnancy? After how many days of abortion, I can try for next pregnancy? What steps need to be taken after abortion in this regard? Please advise.

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Ahmed Fawzy
7:36 pm

If you had rubella some time in your life your igG stays high which means your body is ready to fight it (immune) so I see no reason to be worried, to be safe keep up having your baby check ups
Labs are not usually 100% accurate so I can not really explain the variance in results
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
7:42 pm

Yes your child can be affected , cataract, heart problems, hearing problems, u need to consult the gynecologist , to do 4d us

Regarding the next pregnancy , u need to get treated first …

Ayman Darrag
6:01 am

Hi, these results means that you are immunized against infection as your igg is positive and it is good,however igM positiveness means you are exposed to a new infection recently,but while you are pregnant there is a possibility to transmit the infection to your baby only if you were not immunized which is not true in your condition..
I see no reason to panic.. Just for assurance get regular follow ups done ..

Dr.Honey Arora
9:54 am

Yes, Rubella in pregnancy can cause Congenital Rubella Syndrome..
So you should check with your Gynecology and get evaluated for proper investigations​..
You should proceed accordingly..

As far as next pregnancy is concerned you should get proper screening done..
But once you get immune the problem with next pregnancy is negligible..

Hope this helps..