I was diagnosed with hepatitis, could it not be cirrhosis?

I was diagnosed with hepatitis when I went to the er for extreme flu symptoms. I had already stopped drinking at that point because of been so sick with the flu. The Dr only caught the hepatitis as I was about to leave. He said it should be monitored. So my question is, would they have seen that I have cirrhosis at that point? It says hepatitis on the discharge papers. Does that mean that I don’t have cirrhosis? I hope you understand my question. Lol

Medications: Zpak

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Haleema Yezdani

Hello well no having a hepatitis doesn’t mean that you have cirrhosis of liver. Hepatitis could be due to many reasons like swelling of the liver cells or infection, but cirrhosis is liver cell failure which may occur if hepatitis is left untreated for long.

Arti Sharma
9:28 pm

HI.There are many causes of Hepatitis like infections,alcohol which can cause inflammation of liver.Cirthosis means scarring liver tissue and presents with liver cell failure. Patient has swelling on body,abdominal distension.It’s possible that you are not having Cirrhosis.Take care!

Dr.Honey Arora
2:37 am

Hepatitis does not always mean that you have Cirrhosis of liver..
It can be secondary to Infection..
However if you are a heavy or chronic drinker you need to take care..
Do not worry for now..
Take appropriate medication and get investigated as advised by your Physician..

Hope this helps..