I was told that I need a biopsy in my left breast, but I have no palpable masses?

I am a 57 year old female who has had annual mammograms since 40. On about 5 occasions I have been called back for a diagnostic mammogram and or sonogram. Everything at that point had been normal. This year I was called back to have a sonogram in my right breast after having a 3d mammogram. I have no palpable masses. My Dr. went ahead and ordered a bilateral sonogram. Upon receiving my results I was told that I need a biopsy in my left breast; the one that they had not seen anything on the 3d mammogram and my right breast was fine. I’m confused. If my Dr. Had not ordered the bilateral, would I have been given the all clear? Should I be having sonogram with my annual mammograms every year? Of course I’m having biopsy.
I’m very pro active with my healthcare.

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:16 pm

I agree with you this does not make sense , I hope you can upload the mammography and the sonogram to help you understand why did they order the sonogram and why the biopsy
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
4:42 am

Thanks for the query..

If nothing is ruled out you should at least question your doctor the cause of advising biopsy..
What exactly they want to take biopsy of?
You should also upload your reports here, so that I can guide you accordingly..


Ayman Darrag
4:09 pm

Actually I am wondering why he did, but he may have seen a calcified nodule that would need to be checked for biopsy .. Go with the check you will not lose anything at all but this does not mean adding sonogram to your regular tests.