I went out last night and overindulged in the alcohol, I’m afraid I will have a seizure or a stroke?

I went out last night and overindulged in alcohol. I drank way too much. Now it is 16 hours since my last drink and I still feel horrible. I am vomiting and I can’t eat. I’m shaking, heart racing, dizzy and light headed. I also am “seeing stars”. I have shallow breathing and I feel like I could pass out at any moment. Point being I have a horrible hangover. Question is, should I go to the hospital and tell them of my symptoms. I’m afraid I will have a seizure or a stroke or something. I generally do not drink this much so I am worried how I feel.
Medications: None

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Ahmed Fawzy
2:46 pm

You need to drink water and fluids rich in electrolytes, and try eat fatty foods, effect will last for full 24 hours so if you are still not okay by then you will need to go to the ER, if you still to not feel like waiting then go to ER they will give you Intravenous fluids
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
3:40 pm

In my opinion you should go to the ER if your symptoms are getting worse,not better,try diluting the effect of wine by drinking plenty of water and eating..it can help

Dr.Honey Arora
10:57 am

Hangovers can last for a day long and gradually get better..
However if the symptoms persist longer than that you should see an Emergency doctor..
For now you should drink plenty of water and other isotonic drinks..
You can also drink lemon water, orange juice, ginger tea etc.
You should eat sufficient food.
Take rest and do not panic or try to observe every minute that you are getting better as it will continue to increase anxiety..
You should take a gentle walk if possible for you.
Eat eggs, potassium rich foods..

Hope this helps..