White growth in my throat, numb tongue (right side), very very dizzy, is it a stroke?

White growth in my throat, numb tongue (right side), very very dizzy. I also have
MS. Hope I’m not having a stroke. Parts of my body have been numb for 3 yrs. Getting worse (dizzy and lack of energy) for a month. I am almost 56 yrs old. Diagnosed with MS 3 yrs ago.

Medications: COPD meds, naproxen

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:59 pm

Your symptoms are all MS related except for the white growth in throat it can be either due to naproxen or fungus infection
Good Luck

Ahmed Fawzy
1:00 pm

Stroke is usually one side of body numbness or weakness not general

Ayman Darrag
1:11 pm

is the throat growth painful? is it near your gums?
the numbness now is only in your tongue? or else?
please reply so i can help you
is the dizziness persisting for the month or just recently?

Dr.Honey Arora
1:44 pm

Numbness along with dizziness can be an aggravation of MS symptoms or can point towards stroke or other problems related to brain..

You also get your Vitamin B 12 levels checked..

But first of all consult your Physician and get evaluated..

An MRI can be done for further confirmation..

Hope you get better soon..