Question: I’m embarrassed, but I have pubic lice..

This is so embarrassing, but recently I have had pubic lice (crabs) from sexual activity. I have used lice shampoo multiple times ,have went through two bottles of lice shampoo on myself in about 2 weeks, and have shaved all hair from the waist down, including pubic,leg hair etc. the itch won’t stop it has been almost a month now, and I’m beginning to wonder if the crabs are still there ,because I have used itching creams and it itches still even then. do you know what might could get rid of the itch for good?

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6:05 am

hi..if the creams have not worked, you can use anti allergic tablets and anti biotics/anti fungals if needed.
taking oral tablets will definitely help

Dr. Javez Ernesto

Malathion (Ovide) – but use may not be approved in some countries

7:22 am

you can definitely consult a dermatologist if its not resolving. rather than being late and the infection increasing, its better to consult and get a fast acting medicine presribed