Question: I have complex endometrial hyperplasia, is removal of the uterus, ovary needed

I was found with complex endometrial hyperplasia.
the report says -” The section studied show endometrial granular hyperplasia with disorderly proliferative pattern and stratification of the lining of the epithelial with stromal hemorrhage”
is this “with atypia” or “without atypia”.?
is the removal of the uterus needed?
If so should I remove the ovary or not?

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5:09 am

its not mentioned in the report about typia or atypia.
if its a simple hyperplasia, then you should not hurry in for removal of uterus. u can have a curettage instead and see for the results.

even after curettage, you have no relief, then you can go for removal of uterus.
u should always preserve ovaries. do not remove them.