Question: Something is stuck in my throat – can’t get it out

Something went wrong with my throat. For 4 months now i feel a lump in my throat. I try to swallow or take it out, but it’s impossible. The feeling is all the time present. There isn’t any kind of pain, but it’s irritating. I try to cough to take it out and this provokes vomiting or voice changing. I prefer to eat or drink something hoping that it will go down. NO, it is there at the end of my nose, driving me crazy. Please, give an advice.

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5:11 am

if u are sure, its there, then instead of trying out home remedies, you should get it removed by bronchoscopy or laryngoscopy.
consult a ent specialist and get it confirmed. if he finds anything stuck,then he can easily remove it with a bronchoscope.