I’ve been getting ectopics whenever I do anything that raises my heart level, need your advice?

Hi there, some background info: 26 year old male 195cm tall 132kg smoker (attempting to quit). These are obviously not great, and it’s not like I’m not aware of it.
I had SupraVentricular Tachycardia as a kid, had 3 ablations at age 15 and thought that was the end of it. It came back in 2011 but hasn’t happened since, rather strange. Had a heart echo, ekg, the works, everything seemed normal except rate. However, I still get ectopics, the docs told me they’re fine, not to worry. So I didn’t. In 2013 I was diagnosed with asthma so I began taking ventolin to control my asthma (I’ve only recently been given a preventative after years of asking for one).
I’ve had a few trips to the hospital over the years due to strange heart sensations only to be told that my heart rate was high but other than that I’m okay and they sent me home each time (i’m a fairly anxious person most of the time so a lot of it will have been that.). Resting heart rate is high 80’s, during the day it’s in the 90’s at least though.
So I’ve been getting ectopics whenever I do anything that raises my heart level, usually when I’m exhausted and can’t go on anymore, rarely have I had them in the recovery phase but it has happened. It’s usually just one or two here and there but it is EVERY time I do anything over-exerting. 6 months ago I had quadrigeminy for 3 minutes after some fun with the lady in the bedroom. Rang an ambulance to try to catch it on the ekg, as soon as I calmed down, they stopped so they didn’t catch it. Went to the docs about it and he suggested a 24 hour holter monitor, didn’t catch anything but sinus tachycardia(still haven’t solved that one, probably my weight and smoking which i’m working on).
When talking with the cardiologist about the PVC’s during and after exercise, I was expecting him to tell me they’re nothing to worry about as they always have been. But he seemed concerned, he didn’t have a good bedside manner and wouldn’t really explain anything to me. He just booked me for a stress test which I have next week (not looking forward to purposefully triggering them.), a week long heart monitor and another heart echo.
After going home I did my own research which has shaken me up a little. What I’ve found from googling (Not great to do, I know but I needed something to go on) is that ectopics during exercise and especially in the recovery phase can indicate heart or cardiovascular disease. Obviously this terrifies me. I did used to get them during exercise back in 2011 around the time of my last echo and that came back clean but it was pretty rare, I was in a lot better shape than I am now though.
I just really want to stop worrying about this. It’s driving me mental. I’m 26, I don’t want a death sentence.
Any advice you can give me would be muchly appreciated. I’m scared to death and just want it all over with. Waiting for all of these tests is hell, I wish they could all be done with yesterday.

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Ayman Darrag
3:50 pm

Getting stress test will help you figure out what is really going on..but I n my opinion I do not think there is something to worry about and your main issue is anxiety,smoking and low activity and general bad circulation …
Yoga ..meditation ..walking daily..breathing exercises ..stopping smoking..healthy diet and losing extra pounds will settle your problem down..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:16 pm

In my opinion you are completely okay In other words heart skipping or ectopic Can be considered normal (acceptable ) if all ecg readings are okay Only defensive answer to your problem is the stress test Still without the stress test you are experiencing acceptable problems for a person as tall as you , tall people usually experience your symptoms at age of 40 After the stress test hopfully as i expect comes out okay (even if it does catch the anomalys you are describing )doctor will not recommend any treatment , then you should increase your cardiovascular fitness till… Read more »

6:05 am

get a angiography and a stress treadmill test done to rule out anything significant.
after going through your medical history in detail,i do not feel that there is anything alarming.
you need to calm down,de-stress yourself.
do cardio exercises,have healthy diet along with meditation.
regular check ups with a physician will be helpful.