My father diagnosed with stomach cancer, is not treatable, please advise?

Dear Dr.

My father (age 74) admitted two weeks before in Rajiv Gandhi hospital at Chennai. After report (CT SCAN, BIOPSY) We came to know last week my father have the stomach cancer (Esophagus gastric junction). due to his age/fitness factor the doctors is unable to do the surgery/chemo/radiation therapy. Please advice the solution asap

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Ayman Darrag
5:38 am

In his age ana according to his medical state and health is not possible to go for surgery or chemo and radiotherapy..
In my opinion you can help by reducing the speed of tumor’s spread and growth by changing his diet into a full alkaline vegetarian low acid diet by depending on fruits and fruit juiced(except citrus fruits).
Vegetables and its juices (all types),
Boiled soft carbohydrates .
And plenty of water drinking.
Sorry for that..

6:07 am

i need to know the stage of the cancer,whether it is a stage 1, or 3 cancer.
initial stages are cureable with surgery. although it is a high risk surgery,it has to be done by taking due risk.
late stages need chemo/radio as well.

after all,there is no other option. either take the risks or the cancer will deteriorate his condition.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:22 am

Only solution is chemo /radio/ surgery
If doctor says he can not start any treatment then you need to explain why
Tell us his medical history (cardiac , diabetic , liver kidney problems ?)

Masr Fawzy
10:27 am

The tumor stage is going to identify what should be done to your fatger

Please send us more detsils about the stage if you please

God bless your father